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  • 2011.04.08 - Biweekly Campus Meeting Agenda
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Wimba Classroom


Campus News

  • Updates from attending campuses

These Bi-Weekly Meetings

  • This session will be the last bi-weekly session. 
  • Meetings will be held face to face
  • Schedule is TBD
  • We will open up a space in Confluence for topic suggestions. 

Servicing News

  • Network Maintenance Windows for 2011
    • April 16th
    • May 14th
    • June 18th
  • Update on Monthly Scheduled Restart
    • Restart is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27th. Downtime will be from 5 to 7AM. 

Helpdesk & CF News

  • Please continue to send issues to
  • If larger issues arise, separate calls can be arranged with Perceptis HD to resolve issue. 
    • Meetings are to be scheduled (Pre-semester meetings)
    • Quarterly meeting is going to be scheduled some time in June/July
  • Wimba

Release/Integration News

Emerging Tech News

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