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The usage of Confluence at UMassOnline, as well as several other world class universities such as Harvard and MIT has greatly increased the communication and dare I say...collaboration of several departments, leading to a much faster pace of development and deployment of new ideas and technologies. By using a tool like Confluence, we are able to create, edit, save and share ideas. People find out about things much faster, and everyone is welcomed to participate. 

At Harvard, for example, if you watch the following video (presented at Atlassian Summit 2012), you can hear Carter Snowden, the Senior Web Application Developer, talk about the reasoning behind deploying Confluence, and how each class that is offered there has the opportunity to use a Confluence wiki space in their homegrown LMS, iSites: 











At MIT, Confluence is referred to as Hermes. The team at MIT has presented at several NERCOMP events throughout the years preaching the word of collaboration. In this presentation, aptly titled "If you build it, will they come?" there is much discussion around the buidlout of the MIT knowledegbase and how they rolled out Confluence to their users. 


"IT support providers and end users both want similar things: fast and easy access to up-to-date IT information and solutions. Why not contribute to and share the same IT knowledge resource? At MIT, we did just that. In 2008 a project was launched to broaden an existing Help Desk internal knowledge base to an Institute-wide IT help system, integrating contributions from IT support organizations around MIT and providing role-based access control. A year into the new shared environment provides us with success stories, lessons learned and excitement about making this valuable resource even better."















UMassOnline has also presented about using Confluence at NERCOMP 2012 as well as MCO 2012. 









At Tufts University, Confluence is used for many things; as a teaching and learning toolgeographic information servicesgraduate student council, the list goes on and on.

At John Hopkins University, their adoption of Confluence was recently discussed in this case study provided by Atlassian.

UMass Amherst uses Confluence (locked down internally to their institution - OIT).

There are several other institutions and industry peers. See this page for more information: Who Uses Confluence?. For a larger list, click here.


So based on the information above, I think we are better because we "Save, Edit Share, not Meet, Talk, Forget". If you ever require any support while using Confluence, you can submit an issue, or email the administrators

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