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  • 2014-09-17 OWL Meeting notes
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Sep 17, 2014



  • OWL Discussion

Discussion items

  • WebCT History...
    • Did not have online surveys
    • They came to UMA (OWL Team) and worked out a way for the Blackboard LMS to talk to OWL
  • Current
    • Student logs in 
    • Prompted for survey (Y/N)
    • Students can bypass if wanted
    • Started out with 60% compliance
    • Ever since then, this is way that course evaluations had been done
  • UMassOnline Changes
    • Move away from WebCT
    • Move to Bb
    • Move to Bb Learn
    • Most of what we did has been central, meaning that we are pushing the development (WebCT > Blackboard 9 migration)
  • Last Bill
    • For miscellaneous items
    • Cindy Stein sets up courses and runs reports
      • Feeds/Provisioning
    • Authentication System changed 
      • LDAP
        • UMA and UMB
        • Broad switch over that was done system-wide
    • Course Evaluations for F2F Classes
      • Didn't matter if it was an F2F or online, that had to be all on one system 
      • There is a lot of work that is done that is included in this bill and some that is not
    • Feeds
      • Groups had to come together to reach a conclusion on feeds, issues, development and management
    • Money
      • Provosts office pays for the work for F2F
      • Some things apply to both, so they split the costs of development 
    • Our new Fee for Service Model
      • We are billed for changes requested by UMA CPE
      • Since all their changes are global, everything that they do affects all organizations

Action items