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08.18.10: SafeAssign settings were wiped out after the SP4 upgrade. Need to rebuild with institution settings .

  • Discovered that the .jar file that ships with SP4 was not removed.
    • working with se-umol group to resolve
      • 09.20.10 servicing removed SAPL-1.2.9-2.jar and Vista8-SAPL-1.3.1-2.jar from nodes on cluster, installed Vista8-SAPL-1.3.1-2.jar across cluster nodes, reconfigured the Powerlink. SafeAssign is now working as expected. This issue is now resolved.

08.22.10 UMassBoston wishes to enable the SafeAssign and SafeAssign Direct Submit tool for all sections in the UMassBoston institution.

  • UMB Enabled the tool at the institution level and pushed it down to the lower learning contexts to enable the tools at all context levels so all sections now have the tools enabled. This issue is now resolved.

9.9.2010 UMass Boston has elected to provide an Institution Release Statement to their student users.

9.20.2010 UMass Dartmouth reported an issue where they were getting an error trying to enable SafeAssign. It turned out to be an issue when trying to enable the setting for all learning contexts in the UMD institution. This cannot be done at the institution level with SA and must be done at the domain level or lower.

10.4.2010 UMassBoston has been reporting problems with SafeAssign availability. This is a problem with the Bb hosted SafeAssign systems and not the UMOL Hosted Bb Vista system or the integration. Investigation is underway as to the cause of the SafeAssign issues and communication, or lack thereof, to users from Bb. (Bb ticket 793187)

  • 10.6.2010 Bb release a support bulletin addressing the recent SafeAssign issues.

10.13.2010 -  Bb released a SafeAssign Status Report and Planned Outage on 10-13 Campuses using SafeAssign have been notified.

10.21.2010 - Bb released a SafeAssign Support Bulletin regarding improvements they have made. Campuses have been notified.

11-4-2010 - Bb released a SafeAssign Support Bulletin regarding recent problems generating reports.

12-2-2010 - QCC is planning a pilot of SafeAssign for the Spring semester and is in the process of setting up the Powerlink for their sections.

  • 12-2-2010 - Trying to use SA is generating an error for QCC. Currently under review.
  • 12-3-2010 - It was discovered that the URL used in setting up SA for QCC used http. Once it was adjusted to https everything worked fine.
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