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UMassOnline currently provides an Alerts and Notification service for several supported systems including:


BO: Kevin O'Brien
PO: Kevin O'Brien
TO: Kevin O'Brien
Others: UITS


UMassOnline's Technology Team's mission is to "identify, develop and support technology-based services and systems beyond the resources of individual institutions as well as those services and systems that would be replicated on each campus." A portion of that support is provided by monitoring the systems using 3rd party software that provides Alerts & Notifications to our stakeholders when there is an issue with a system that is hosted by UMassOnline (or a 3rd party host that we use to provide a system or service to you).


UMassOnline's community of Alert & Notification recipients (see above) receive Alerts & Notifications when there is an issue with a supported system. In addition, they receive monthly reports indicating uptime percentage, availability and performance. 




UMassOnline currently holds the license for AlertSite (system used to provide Alert & Notification service) for internal team members. If you are interested in obtaining a Read-Only account to access AlertSite, please submit a ticket here.


Support for Alerts & Notifications (specific to UMassOnline) is provided by UMassOnline and AlertSite. If you require assistance with AlertSite, please create a ticket by clicking here.

Current Status