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After installing an application, the job of the administrator is to add any new roles required, verify the permissions on the initial roles (if present), and assign users to roles. If the application creates a complete set of tasks with meaningful names, the administrator's job of setting up initial roles is much easier.

The point of role-based access control is make administration more intuitive and manageable. To do so, administrators must devise a strategy for deploying roles within the application that resembles the user job descriptions. Once the roles are established, the administrative focus is primarily managing memberships within the roles, so it is very important that you verify each role's permissions. Generally, it is safer to grant each role only those permissions that are needed immediately and then add permissions as needed, rather than granting too many permissions and then removing unneeded permissions later.


BO: Kevin O'Brien
PO: Varies by System
TO: UMassOnline Technology Team



UMassOnline currently administers many different applications that are used by UMassOnline member institutions. In partnership with University Information Technology Services, UMassOnline supports the administration of several systems used in the deployment, development and support of Learning Management Systems.



Part of managing the applications that UMassOnline provides as service includes license management.


Support for the applications that are administered by UMassOnline varies by Service Level Agreement of each system.