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UMassOnline uses Confluence as its enterprise wiki making it easy to share information across our communities.


BOKevin O'Brien
PO: Kevin O'Brien
TO: Kevin O'Brien
Others: UMassOnline Technology Team


In October of 2009, UMassOnline adopted Confluence as it's Wiki for many reasons:

A wiki lets you and your teammates collaborate online. It's easy, efficient, and intuitive to use. Every user gets a voice and everyone's contribution is seen, heard, and can be commented upon. In this way wikis improve and democratize communication – no one misses the 'memo' and anyone can send it. Wikis get information to the right people – important information (documentation, processes, ideas, communication, etc.) is available to the people who need it, not locked and buried in one person's in-box.

  • Wikis make it easy to keep all your information current and accurate.
  • Information stored in wikis is dynamic. With wikis, anyone can edit a page (however, with Confluence, administrators can control view, editing, and content privileges) so content is current.
  • Wikis keep your information safe. It's virtually impossible to lose information. You can view changes made by different users or rollback to previous versions.
  • Even as members of your team turn over and new employees are hired, the wiki can be an unbroken repository of knowledge that evolves with your growing organisation.
  • Collaboration made easy: Seamless integration with our Issue Tracker, JIRA, provides real time Project details. That means team members save time by only have to update JIRA issues, and the results are displayed on a Confluence page. (Look to the right!)


Hosting: UMassOnline's instance of Confluence is hosted by Contegix.


UMassOnline currently supplies usernames and passwords on an as-needed basis. To request an account, please click here.


The Confluence User Community spans many different organizations and industries. Click here to find out more. In addition, there are several higher education institutions that use Confluence.


An annual license for Confluence with Enterprise ASP Hosting provided by Contegix has been established since November of 2010.

A service level agreement (SLA) has been established with Contegix via Atlassian to make the ASP vendor accountable for performance stability, upgrades, backups, growth, etc.

Current License

  • Confluence: March 2017 (expires)
  • JIRA: March 2017 (expires)


As each of UMassOnline's supported institutions' technologies (i.e. the academic/administrative tools provided to access online learning), services (i.e. the type of support and resources offered to end-users of online learning) and business processes (i.e. the policies, practices and workflows related to online learning) are different, it is critical to clearly establish relationships, roles and responsibilities between the campuses as the primary client — their local CE offices, IT support staff, local help desk, etc. — UMassOnline, as the contract manager — and the vendor as the service provider.

To articulate these relationships the following MOU's have been developed with those campuses utilizing Atlassian Confluence through UMassOnline


UMassOnline provides technical support for Confluence via tutorials, documentation or by creating a ticket for the issue.

When Confluence is experiencing technical difficulties, notifications will be sent to users via the UMassOnline Status Page. The incident will be emailed/texted when there is an update to alert the user base of servicings or outages. 

Confluence Hosting and Hosting Support

Hosting for Confluence is provided by Contegix. Contegix provides support for Confluence hosting via an online ticketing system which ties into their internal ticketing system. Currently Contegix will accept tickets from the Tech Team staff.

Performance and Availability

Confluence is monitored for Performance and Availability through Pingdom. Monthly reports can be found here. 

Terms of Use

Please see the Confluence Terms of Use Policy Page page for additional information.


At this time formalized training is not available for using Confluence. If users would like to learn more about using the system, there are several free resources that can be used: 

Atlassian Answers

Atlassian User Guides


Current Status

Resolved vs. Unresolved Confluence Issues