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Backups of archived materials are provided to campuses close to the end of each semester based on the filters that they provide via JIRA. The backups are provided to each campus on a hard drive (stripped of all student data, but includes all course data). Once the campus copies those files locally, the drive is then sent back to UMassOnline in order to prepare for the next semester (or the campus can choose to keep the drives and will be assessed the fee for the drive).


BO: Kevin O'Brien
PO: Tim Lambert
TO: Tim Lambert
Others: Kevin O'Brien

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For several years past, UMassOnline had been providing end of semester archives on DVD. The burn process each semester would take about 2 weeks in total, thus using valuable time and resources. In an effort to streamline the process, UMassOnline will now be providing the campuses with a hard drive in which they can store their archives and backups for restoration each semester. The campus will be responsible for maintaining the local copies of these backups and archives. UMassOnline will store the most current archive in case there are any issues with the drive.


UMass Amherst

UMass Boston

UMass Dartmouth

UMass Lowell

UMass Worcester



UMassOnline provides support by preparing your backups onto a pre-formatted hard drive that is mailed to campus administrators each semester.