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The Basic LTI Building Block enables tool providers to add links with Bb Learn that when clicked takes the user directly to their external service without the need to login again.


TO: Tim Lambert


While not technically a Building Block in the sense that it is installed the same way as a Building Block or managed the exact same way, it is a function of Blackboard Learn and listed under Building Blocks. This is Blackboards way of utilizing the IMS LTI standards.


  • Installed in Bb Learn at install.


No additional license is required to implement this Building Block as it is native to the Blackboard Learn system.


  • End User: UMassOnline supports the setup and functionality. Campuses need to develop and support their own relationship with tool providers who support LTI.

Parameters required for use

As this is a shared resource by UMassOnline hosted campuses there are some  settings that need to be configured for each supported tool if utilization  is considered.

Provider Domain Status

  • Provider Domain: Will be provided by the tool/service provider. Required
  • Provider Domain Status: Any tool must be configured and approved by UMassOnline. 
  • Secondary Hostnames: Provided by tool/service provider if needed.

Default Configuration

Default Configuration

Depending on licensing, UMOL vs. Hosted Campus, the following settings can be set globally or when configuring the each link in a course. If a single campus has licensed the use of the tool alone, links will be configured at each link or other campuses on the UMOL hosted campuses will be able to utilize the tool.

The following settings will be needed if configured at the system level or at the link setup level and will be provided by the tool provider.

  • Tool Provider Key
  • Tool Provider Secret
  • Tool Provider Custom Parameter (not required)

Institution Policies

  • Send User Data: Never/Only over SSL/Over any connection.
  • User Fields to Send: Role in course/Name/Email Address
  • Send Context Identifiers As: Primary Key/Batch UID
  • Show User Acknowledgement Message: Text can be added as a prompt to users about to use a configured Too

The Basic LTI Tool must be set as available to a course either individually, globally or at the node level for use in a course.

Currently Configured LTI Tools

Tool NameCampus UtilizationSystem or Link ConfigStatus
VoiceThreadWIT?Configured in Production
UMass Amherst Media Server UMASystemConfigured in Production