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Version 12.5

Released May 4, 2013

New Features


  • Two implementations of the Telephony feature are now available. With the new Integrated Telephony, customers don't need their own teleconference provider as the teleconference service is provided by Blackboard Collaborate. Teleconference phone numbers and PINs are automatically generated during session creation. Users with their own teleconference service providers can continue to use the traditional implementation of Telephony, now called Third Party Provider Telephony, to manually configure their own teleconference phone numbers and PINs.


  • Moderators can now disable/enable Chat emoticons for everyone in the session with the new Enable Emoticons option.


  • Moderators can now grant or revoke permissions with a single click by hovering their  mouse over an individual's name in the Participants list to display their permissions and clicking on the icon of the permission they wish to change.


  • We now support JAWS versions 13 and 14 with the Java Access Bridge version 2.0.3.

Resolved Issues

  • Some issues with auto-scrolling in Chat have been resolved. Auto-scroll now resumes after you scroll to the bottom of the conversation pane and no longer turns off when you start an Application Sharing session.
  • When typing Chat messages, focus no longer shifts to the Room conversation tab when certain events occur.
  • Application Sharing no longer crashes Web Conferencing on the Retina 10.7.4 MacBook Pro.
  • The flickering behavior in the Whiteboard Text Editor tool has been reduced.
  • Recording markers are now properly displayed (no longer show "Not yet available...").
  • Quizzes in multi-byte languages can now be loaded and displayed correctly.
  • The Clip Art library is now displayed properly.


  • The integrated UMOL instance of Bb Collaborate will be upgraded August 3rd between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am the following day.
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