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Building Block Configuration Settings can be found here:


Release Highlights

The Blackboard Collaborate Building Block offers a robust tool set that allows instructors to web conference and connect with one student or an entire class. Instructors and students can collaborate using audio, video, and recording capabilities. Other functions include private and public chat, a whiteboard, application sharing, a clip art library, and the ability to add and edit content at any time.

  • Simpler session creation, including sessions that last longer than a year.
  • A "Course Room" is available in every course. The Room is automatically created and lasts as long as the course.
  • An office called “My Room” is available for every instructor and lasts as long as the user. This Room is accessible from any course in which that user has the instructor role.
  • Collaborate now provides the ability to select built-in telephony, which will dynamically generate the conference call number, code, and leader PIN. Students and others accessing the Room will see this information before entering the Room.
  • Completely redesigned interface for simplicity and usability.
  • Android/Kindle intelligent launching.
  • Localization additions to match all locales available in Blackboard Learn.


New Features

  • Administrators can now enable and disable the availability of the Building Block for entire organizations (not just courses and nodes).
  • Instructors can now share recordings with additional courses that are separate from the original session.
  • Sessions can now be launched from Android and Kindle devices.
  • Recordings made with versions of the Building Block prior to 4.1 can now be converted to MP4.
  • Stability and performance have been enhanced.

Resolved Issues

  • Attendance is now graded correctly in the Grade Center. (BBEN-651, SUPP-1414, SUPP-1226)
  • Recordings can now be played back on the "Public session/recordings page" in Blackboard Learn's administration panel. (BBEN-709)
  • Names containing Cyrillic characters are now shown correctly for attendees who join a session through the Building Block. (BBEN-717, SUPP-1592)
  • Recordings are now shown correctly for child nodes in an institutional hierarchy. (BBEN-720, SUPP-1614)
  • Arabic meeting names are now handled correctly. (BBEN-721, SUPP-785)
  • The list of recordings now correctly handles the case where some recordings have been deleted. (BBEN-725, SUPP-1584)
  • An issue has been corrected that could block the ability to convert recordings. (BBEN-733, SUPP-1736)
  • An issue has been corrected that could give an "HTTP Status 500" error. (BBEN-750, SUPP-1182)
  • Dates on the Recordings page are now localized correctly. (BBEN-760, SUPP-1846)
  • Attendance is now logged correctly for users with special characters such as apostrophes in their names. (BBEN-761, SUPP-1438, SUPP-1874)
  • The content area list is now ordered correctly. (BBEN-685, SUPP-1473)
  • Downloaded logs are now named more clearly ( (BBEN-713, SUPP-1577)
  • Grade Center columns are now created properly. (BBEN-727, SUPP-1438)


New Functionality

  • Support for Institutional Hierarchy
  • Guest link generation
  • Attendence Tracking
  • Calendar Integration

Resolved Issues

  • The interval between recording pullback events no longer degrades over time.
  • The last recording pullback event record updates correctly when a manual pullback is performed.
  • Apostrophes in a user's Blackboard Learn username no longer prevent that user from viewing recordings.
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