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Building Block Interest

If you are interested in any of the Building Blocks below or any of the Blackboard Feature Building Blocks, please create a JIRA ticket.


Building Blocks are used for extending the integrated services of Blackboard Learn. Read more about Building Blocks from Blackboard's web site.


The following Building Blocks are running in the Blackboard Learn PRODUCTION environment:

Building Block


Campuses Utilization


Current Status
FlickrAllows for photo sharing.  ACTIVE

AutoSignon SSO

The AutoSignon Building Block allows an institution to implement a Single Sign-on (SSO) solution on the Blackboard Learn Platform.





Basic LTIBasic LTI is a Building Block that can be configured for multiple external tools utilizing the IMS Global Standards


The only tool configured and approved for Basic LTI is SmartThinking which is used by .ACTIVE
Basic LTI toolsBasic LTI tools is a Building Block available from OCELOT that enhances the Basic LTI functionality beyond the Blackboard Basic LTI. This block allows tools to be configured as a Tool in Bb Learn rather than simply approving a URL Weblink. This is a freely available Block that is used to configure Wentworth's VoiceThread. It will also be used for Echo 360 integration.ACTIVE

Blackboard Collaborate

Web conferencing solution.


Building Block is free but requires a separate license and contract for Blackboard Collaborate.


Blackboard Mobile

Application for viewing Blackboard courses on the go.


Building Block is free but requires a separate license and contract for Blackboard Mobile.


Blackboard Stats

bbStats tracks concurrent sessions on the system at the database level for all application servers. It provides user reports by activity levels. Settings allow for selecting the date range for graphs, limiting access. The interface is compatible with mobile devices like the iPhone. Overall CPU and Memory resource graphs are in planning to provide usage context. Get the mobile app client for Android and iPhone in the app stores.




CengageSSO to ContentAvailable to all campuses. ACTIVE
iClicker/WebClickerweb>clicker is a mobile classroom response system that allows students to use their laptop or smartphone to vote in class alongside students using i>clicker remotes.  There are some things to think about when you consider web>clicker. 3rd party ACTIVE
 McGraw-Hill Campus UMB

Building Block is free but requires a separate license and contract.

UMB owns the current contract and has been deployed to the Boston institution only.


It is not yet possible to configure McGraw-Hill Campus specific accounts separately on Bb Learn.

McGraw-Hill Connect and Create

Provides content via McGraw publishing

Available to all campuses.



My Messages

Aggregate user's incoming messages into a single module.

Available to all campuses.

More information on this Building Block can be found here.


 NBC Learn

On-demand access to multimedia content.


Building Block is free but requires a separate license and contract for NBC Learn.


Pearson’s MyLab/MasteringSSO access to Pearson content.Available to all campuses. 




SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention service.

Available to all campuses.



Turning Point

Using a TurningPoint audience response system, your PowerPoint presentations become powerful data collection and assessment tools.


This Building Block is tied to each response system used and not to a specific campus or devise.

Student Registration:

From Bb Learn into your presentation or information from presentation into your course .




Turnitin is the leading academic plagiarism detector, utilized by teachers and students to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity.


Due to limitations of the Building Block/Application, only one campus license can be used for the Blackboard Learn installation. This Building Block has been installed and configured and turned off for all campuses except until licensing can be resolved.

Virtual Text Box Editor (VTBE)Robust HTML editorSystem wideUMOL participated in early release program. The VTBE was tested and passed internal testing and has been rolled out to the Production system.ACTIVE

access to digital content.Available to all campuses ACTIVE

Wimba Classroom

Wimba Classroom is a live, virtual classroom environment with robust features that includes audio, video, application sharing and content display.




Blackboard Collaborate Voice

Bb Collaborate Voice is a web-based voice solution that facilitates and promotes vocal instruction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment.



Browser CheckThe Browser check Building Block simply adds a module to Bb Learn that campuses/users can add to their module pages that users can then use to validate their browsers.UMD ACTIVE

Respondus LockDown Browser

A custom browser that locks down the testing environment in Blackboard Learn.




Building Block is free but requires a separate license and contract for Respondus LockDown Browser.

Echo360 Personal Lecture Capture Software

Integrated personal capture software

LTI Connection

UMA (4), UMW (3), UMD, WIT


SmartThinkingSmarthinking is the leader in live, on-demand online tutoring.LTI Connection ACTIVE
Student ViewThe Student View building block allows instructors and leaders in Blackboard Learn course and organization sites, to experience their sites as students.  This allows them to take tests as a student, submit an assignment as a student, see exactly which links are available, see the student view of grades, and more.  This is much more accurate than turning off Edit Mode. Oscelot ACTIVE

Financial Aid ReportingThe Financial Aid Reporting Building Block enables users to create Single and Multi- Course User Participation reports that provide data required for the reporting of student academic contribution in compliance with Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) rules established by the U.S. Department of Education.Bb B2 TESTING
Installed and available in test.
Inline GradingInstructors can view student-submitted files “inline,” meaning in the web browser, without requiring any plug-ins, applets, or client-side applications. Additionally, annotations tools are available as part of the inline viewer, enabling Instructors to provide feedback – comments, highlights, and even drawing/annotation – directly on the inline view of the document.Bb B2 that changes functionality. ACTIVE
Macmillan Higher Education IntegrationThe Macmillan Higher Education Integration is used to provide digital content for all Macmillian Digital Tools, including LaunchPad.Partner Cloud connectionUMB, UMD


Partner CloudThe Partner Cloud building block offers a unified registration and activation process for content partner integrations. It provides users access to the full content inventory available through the Partner Cloud.Bb B2 ACTIVE

xpLor Connector

xpLor is a cloud-based learning object repository (LOR) that is designed to work with multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS). It is built on open standards and allows for the creation, discovery, and sharing of rich learning objects. A learning object is a resource, usually digital and web-based, that can be used and re-used to support learning. It might be a webpage, file, simulation, video, podcast, audio file, assessment, etc.

AchievementsThe Achievements tool allows instructors and course designers to designate criteria for issuing rewards to students in the form of both Badges and Certificates. Students can see which rewards they’ve earned and what is required of them to receive additional rewards, providing insight into learning progression toward defined competencies. Students are able to publish badges to the Mozilla Open Backpack, transporting evidence of their learning outside the LMS. Instructors can easily see which students have reached learning milestones.Bb B2 


Atomic Learning

Online training materials.

Featured Partner



Under Evaluation in Test.

The following Building Blocks are being reviewed from a functionality perspective and are installed in the UMOL testing environment:

Building Block



Functionality Change (red star)

New Functionality (green star)

Fix Release (blue star)

Campus Interest


Current Status

Under Consideration

The following Building Blocks are being reviewed from a licensing, pricing and/or technology perspective:

A relatively complete list of available Building Blocks for Learn 9.X can be found on the Blackboard site here: Building Blocks

Building Block



Contract Owner

Campus Interest


Current Status

Blackboard Connect

Mass notification service.




Building Block is free but requires a separate license and contract for Blackboard Connect.


Blackboard Instant Messenger      

Connect Message Gateway

Learn 9.1 SP9 offers the ability for active users to receive notifications via text messages and text‐to-voice phone calls.

Native  Free BBLEARN-419 - Getting issue details... STATUS


EvaluationKIT has developed robust integration options to plug-in our course evaluation system directly into Blackboard platforms. Linked on Course Evaluation Page
MassBay uses this.  Any better solutions for course evaluations?






Please put on hold until we see evaluation capabilities of 9.1 SP10

EZ-ProxyThe EZproxy/Blackboard Building Block allows users of EZproxy and enterprise versions of Blackboard 8.0 and later to perform seamless user authentication and authorization for our Library3rd party  In use currently for our students to conduct research - we would like to integrate with Bb to reduce student confusion. BBLEARN-405 - Getting issue details... STATUS Mashup

A great shortcut for embedding Jing recordings. If you are not familiar with Jing, it's worth the time: &

3rd partyUMA, UMB 

Kaltura Video & Rich Media

The Kaltura Video Building Block opens up a new set of engaging teaching possibilities from integration of lecture capture and video materials to enabling video assignments and sharing of student and faculty contributed video content. It adds a layer of rich media functionality that works across the Blackboard Learn™ platform, so faculty and students can use media as easily.

Featured Partner



Building Block is free but requires a separate license and contract for Kaltura.

PDF | Video

MerlotSearch MERLOT ( and add content to your course.Featured Partner    
Paste from Word

The Paste From Word Building Block provides an easy way to paste text from Microsoft® Word into the text editor without bringing Microsoft specific markup with it.

Native    BBLEARN-779 - Getting issue details... STATUS
TaskStreamTaskStream is an ePortfolio tool.Native UMB, UMD  
 Waypoint OutcomesStudent feedback system3rd Party UMA  BBLEARN-438 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Who's Online Portal Module and System Extension

Installs a module to Bb Learn that shows users currently on the system3rd Party UITS, UMOL  


While UMassOnline provides the integration support for Building Blocks, campuses are responsible for all testing of their integrated applications. To receive technical support for your Blackboard Learn Building Block, please create a JIRA ticket with UMassOnline Support.

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