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UMassOnline will be hosting the login pages for Blackboard Learn using the Blackboard Learn System. Students, Faculty and Staff will no longer login via, but rather with a custom branded Login page.

UMassOnline Technology Team will be responsible for the backend features such as:

  • Username pre/post fixing
  • OWL Code
  • Design/development assistance
  • System Level Announcements

Campus Affiliates will be responsible for features such as:

  • Branding 
  • Design management
  • Page Maintenance


BO: Kevin O'Brien
PO: Phil Saulnier
TO: Phil Saulnier
Others: Tim Lambert

Default vs Customized Login Pages

Blackboard Learn provides a default login page which can be customized to suit the needs of an individual institution.


UMassOnline hosted login pages for Blackboard Vista via (a Marketing tool) for several years due to the inability for campuses to customize and brand their own pages in a centralized area. With the advent of Blackboard Learn, each campus can now have a customized, branded login page hosted via Blackboard Learn. 


UMass Amherst
UMass Boston

UMass Worcester


  • Staffing


General Technical Support for all Systems and Services can be found here.


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Participating Campuses

Current Status

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