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We need to start thinking about how we plan on rolling out future updates so expectations can be set and UMassOnline can implement with the least intrusive way possible for all invested parties. 


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Blackboard is working on a rapid release cycle for updates and fixes. In order to provide the best system to our users UMOL will need to stay on top of the latest releases and implement in a timely manner. Blackboard releases Service Packs updates, odd release numbers indicate fix releases while even number releases include new functionality. Further more Blackboard has indicated that " ...we only patch back two service packs from the current one..." so if a bug is found on a release currently in Production and we are more than two Service Packs behind the latest release we should not expect to see a patch developed for the release we are on and must upgrade the Service Pack before we can implement a fix.


Service Pack Upgrades

  • Service Packs are the largest and most time consuming upgrade and require an extended service window for implementation.

Cumulative Patches

  • Cumulative Patches are a bundled set of patches that fix existing and known issues and can be installed during a regular 4-7am service window.

Individual Patches

  • Patches are smaller individual updates targeting specific critical problems.

Building Block Updates

  • Building Blocks are integrated system plugins that do not require a restart of the system, but can change basic functionality of the system and/or add new functionality to the system.

Blackboard Support

  •  Blackboard will only be deploying additional patches for Service Packs that are 2 releases behind the current Production release.

UMassOnline needs to target each of these updates and formulate a procedure to implement each.


  • Associate user groups, SIGs, distribution lists, etc.


  • Licensing
  • Hosting
  • Hardware
  • Staffing

Business Continuity Strategy


General Technical Support for all Systems and Services can be found here.

  • Support Levels
  • Support Processes
  • Support Resources



System/Service Status


Associated Services/Systems



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