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The Blackboard Mobile™ Learn application gives students and faculty access to their courses, content, and organizations on a variety of mobile devices including Android™, BlackBerry® and iPhone OS.

Extend your existing Blackboard Learn™ implementation in an engaging and intuitive way. Students and instructors can access documents in multiple formats, read announcements, create discussion threads, upload media, create content items within the course map, comment on blogs and more—all on the mobile devices they love.


BO: Kevin O'Brien

PO: Ryan Scott

TO: Tim Lambert



User Community

The following campuses are currently participating in using Blackboard Mobile for Learn:

  • UMass Amherst
  • UMass Lowell
  • UMass Medical School

Blackboard has put in place a School Finder for Blackboard Mobile Learn to determine if your institution is capable of using Mobile for Learn:

Blackboard has an public development board for Blackboard Learn where users can vote for issues:


Currently, UMOL does not have a license for Bb Learn Mobile, however negotiations are underway. Ideally UMOL would like to align any licensing and pricing with the current UMOL Bb Learn Contract. Blackboard has provided initial pricing for Mobile Learn and discussions are underway, documented here.

Blackboard currently offers two licensing models for accessing Learn through Mobile:

  • Enterprise-wide license – a UMOL-wide license where all users across all domains within the UMOL implementation have access to Mobile Learn.
  • User paid option Available, September 17, 2012, an end-user license where individual users accessing learn from institutions without an Enterprise-wide Mobile Learn license can purchase the Mobile app independently to access Learn through a mobile device.

Performance and Availability

Blackboard Mobile Learn is monitored for Performance and Availability can be found here.



UMassOnline supports the integration for Blackboard Mobile to Blackboard Learn via the Blackboard Mobile Building Block.

End user support of Blackboard Mobile may be found at the Blackboard Mobile Resource Center.


Current Status

1 Comment

  1. Hi Pat,

    Some more questions regarding costs for Bb Mobile. We also need to consider the Direct / Indirect costs assosciated with Bb Mobile (similar to what we did for Wimba Classroom). I've attached the worksheet "template" for a cost-to-pricing model we previously used. I believe you provided a percentage of personnel time, travel, etc. previously.

    We will need costs for the following:

    Direct Costs

    1. Any personnel costs that would be associated with Bb Mobile.

    2. Any travel costs?

    3. Any other direct costs?

    Indirect Costs

    1. Any telecommunication / admin costs?

    Based on my brief conversations with you and Ken, it looks like the direct / indirect costs would be minimal since Bb Mobile is a cloud service and wouldn't require much "intervention" from UMOL.

    Bb Mobile Cost-Price Template