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Blackboard Vista End of Life

 As of January 31, 2014, Blackboard Vista will no longer be supported by Blackboard. In turn, UMassOnline and UITS will be decommissioning the Vista cluster down to a much smaller archived system that will not be backed up on a daily/weekly basis, as we will only be supporting it as a "read only" system.


BO: Kevin O'Brien
PO: Tim Lambert
TO: Tim Lambert
Others: Blackboard Vista SIG


UMassOnline participates and organizes Users Groups, Weekly Office Hours with other institutions around the world, and posts all Blackboard Vista issues in Confluence.


UMassOnline is running version 8.0.6  in a single node clustered production environment in the Shrewsbury Data Center.  Our recovery environments is a replication of our production environment which would be brought online in the event of a Shrewsbury Data Center crisis that would warrant its use in the Boston Data Center.

Hosting Services

All Blackboard Enterprise environments are hosted and supported by the University Information Technology Services (UITS) division of the President's Office.  

Licensing & Contracts

An annual license for Blackboard Enterprise Learning Vista 8 with Blackboard Inc. was established in xxxx and is updated on an annual basis.

Details and documentation


Current Issues


Incident Reports

January 18th, 2012: Power Failure

Technology Incident Reports