According to the Contegix website, "Contegix is a custom and strategic cloud computing and managed hosting company that lifts the burden of technology off your shoulders, giving you peace of mind via reliability, flexibility and 24/7 world-class support."


UMOL currently hosts Atlassian Confluence and JIRA with Contegix.

Hosting information for Confluence through Contegix can be found here.

Master Service Agreement

UMOL currently has a MSA in place for Atlassian Confluence and JIRA. Discussions regarding the contract language are archived here.

Billing and Invoicing

The following represent all invoices and billing from this partner across all services, purchases, consulting, etc. Please visit the specific Confluence pages for invoices and billing relevant to specific services or systems.

Contacts and Support

Contegix provides support via on online ticketing system and via email which ties into their internal ticketing system. Currently Contegix will accept tickets from the Tech Team staff (Stefanie Henderson, Tim Lambert, Patrick Masson and Kevin O'Brien).

Backups, Archiving & Recovery

Contegix takes a full backup of the umassonline01 database every night and stores it locally that includes page content and configuration settings.  This backup process does not cover the attachments that are stored in the data directory. Those attachments are backed up off-host.  The entire file system is backup up weekly and stored off-host. This content is then stored on a 28 day rotating basis.

Note: This process is for both JIRA and Confluence hosted on umassonline01 instance.

For recovery, if there is an issue, we can restore the previous nights backup to restore the system.

Issue is being tracked here:

JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error

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