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Course File Elements

HeaderObject Type

Unique external identifier. Required.



Short course ID. Required for insert.

 NOTE: Once a course_id has been posted to Bb Learn it cannot be updated. This includes both via the batch and the UI.

course_nameCourse name. Required for insert.

The institutional hierarchy node from which the initial settings for this course will be populated. Populated with the external_node_key used in the Hierarchy node batch file. This field would be populated with the value used in your Hierarchy Node Files

Required (Not required by Bb Learn, but required to associate Courses with nodes)


The institution hierarchy node with which this course is associated. A unique identifier for and used to associate the Course to the Node. Required (Not required by Bb Learn, but required to associate Courses with nodes)

The external_association_key is a unique identifier "linking" the course with the node. This field is not used in any of the other file types. A potential value you could use for this would be to concatenate the the external_course_key and the external_node_key.  (external_course_keyexternal_node_key or umolcoursesection01umolnode22) This will create a value unique across the system and become a value format you can use.

descriptionCourse description.

Course start date.

(Note: If using start_data you must also use the DURATION element listed below.)


Course end date.

(Note: If using end_date you must also use the DURATION element listed below.)

durationThe duration type of the course. Values include continuous/range/fixed/term.
new_data_source_keyThe data source with which this record should be associated. DATA SOURCE KEYS are now set automatically for Course files.

The enabled status of this record. Values include enabled/disabled.

enroll_optionType of enrollment. Values include self/instructor/email.
available_indBoolean for whether the course is available.
catalog_indBoolean for whether the course should show in the catalog.
desc_pageBoolean for whether this course has a description page.
lockout_indBoolean for whether the course is locked out
paceThe pace of the course. Values include self/instructor.
service_levelCourse or organization. Values include community/full.
abs_limitThe absolute limit on total file size in the course.
soft_limitThe absolute limit on the total file size in the course.
upload_limitThe limit on uploaded file size in the course.
enroll_startThe enrollment start date.
enroll_endThe enrollment end date
days_of_useFor a fixed duration course, the number of days the course can be used.
institution_nameThe name of the institution.
feeThe fee if the course has a fee.
allow_guest_indBoolean for whether the guest user is allowed access to the cousre.
enroll_access_codeEnrollment access code for self-enrolled courses
new_external_course_keyA replacement for the existing external_course_key.
template_course_keyThe external_course_key of a course whose contents should be copied into this one
allow_observer_indBoolean for whether observer users are allowed access to this course.
localeThe locale.
term_keyThe external key of the term with which this course is associated. Terms
master_course_keyThe master course under which this course is cross listed.
use_term_availability_indBoolean for whether the course availability/duration should be taken from the associated term
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