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The EZproxy/Blackboard Building Block allows users of EZproxy and enterprise versions of Blackboard 8.0 and later to perform seamless user authentication and authorization. Through this integration, EZproxy starting point URLs can be located inside or outside of Blackboard. When located inside of Blackboard, users are not required to re-authenticate to access resources. When located outside of Blackboard, users are required to authenticate once using the normal Blackboard login page. Existing sites that migrate to the Building Block are able to use all of their existing URLs without changing anything. In shared installations, the Building Block allows one Blackboard server to be linked to several EZproxy servers, with the ability to apply different authorization rules to each EZproxy server.

The EZproxy/Blackboard Building Block is available for no charge to licensed users of EZproxy. The link to download the Building Block is located in the installation instructions. Use the installation instructions whether you are installing the Building Block for the first time or if you are installing an updated version of the Building Block. During an update, all EZproxy server configuration information is retained automatically.

The EZproxy/Blackboard Building Block supports a flexible set of authorization mapping rules to indicate which users should have access to EZproxy resources. Review the authorization mapping rules page for more information on the directives available and how to apply them.


TO: Tim Lambert
SM: Stefanie Henderson


  • Associate user groups, SIGs, distribution lists, etc.


  • There are currently no costs associated with utilizing this system.

Support and Resources


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