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Echo360 provides an easy way to capture teaching materials featuring audio, video and presentation visuals. Through a partnership between Blackboard and Echo360, you can now create rich media materials and publish that customized content right to your Blackboard® course. As a Blackboard Learn™ customer, your institution can quickly access this free solution, conveniently available as a Blackboard Building Block™.


TO: Tim Lambert
SM: Stefanie Henderson

Campus Utilization

Utilizing the Basic LTI Building Block is is possible to configure multiple institutions with a LTI "Tool" in Bb Learn. To configure this UMOL will need the following from your campus Echo 360 Server:

  • Launch URL
  • Consumer Key
  • Shared Secret

This information can be found from the Configuration tab, LTI sub-tab where you should see a Blackboard LTI link. If you do not see the Blackboard LTI link you will need to seek support from Echo 360 for configuration.

Licensing and Contracting

UMassOnline does not hold a specific license with Echo 360 as each campus will have their own licence.



Associated Systems

Interested Campus Utilization

  • UMass Amherst
  • UMass Dartmouth
  • UMass Worcester


  • Integration is done via the OSELOT Basic LTI Building Block which uses more of the LTI features available than the version of LTI that Bb Learn ships with.
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