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The UMassOnline Technology Team employs the use of several email addresses to conduct business. Most of these email addresses are filtered into JIRA, while others are used to boiunce back requests and direct students/faculty to the appropriate help desk with no manual intervention. 


BO: Kevin O'Brien
PO: Kevin O'Brien
TO: Kevin O'Brien



  • UMassOnline Team

  • Campus Community


  • Included with UITS

Business Continuity Strategy


General Technical Support for all Systems and Services can be found here.

  • Support Levels
  • Support Processes
  • Support Resources Blackboard Learn Accounts

First Name Last Name Sorted Ascending OrderEmail Available
admin_qccBlackboard LearnSupport (QCC)
btb_qccBTBSupport (QCC)
btb_supportBTBSupport (SysAdmin)
btb_umaBTBSupport (UMA)
admin_umaBlackboard LearnSupport (UMA)
admin_umbBlackboard LearnSupport (UMB)
btb_umbBTBSupport (UMB)
admin_umdBlackboard LearnSupport (UMD)
btb_umd BTBSupport (UMD)
btb_umlBTBSupport (UML)
admin_umlBlackboard LearnSupport (UML)
admin_umolBlackboard LearnSupport (UMOL)
btb_umwBTBSupport (UMW)
admin_witBlackboard LearnSupport (WIT)
btb_witBTBSupport (WIT)
admin_wsuBlackboard LearnSupport (WSU)
btb_wsuBTBSupport (WSU)

This email address is used in case of an issue with Network/UITS that prevents mail from being sent via Exchange. It is typically used in case of emergency.

This email address is the default email address for the UMassOnline Technology Team. Currently the email address has a bounce back associated with it that directs the user to their institution specific Help Desk page in Confluence.


This email address is used to log into and receive notifications from Behind the Blackboard which feed directly into JIRA.

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