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CSV File Naming Convention.

Each file must follow the following format for each data type:

[campus] = short campus id. e.g. UMOL

[datestamp] = long format date and time. e.g. yyyymmddhhmm or 201205310841

Data Removal via Batch

On initial setup for campuses, all *del_[campus][datestamp].csv files are set to simply disable records. Upon request another integration point can be set to purge data (remove completely) from the system. If this is requested *del_[campus][datestamp].csv will purge and a new naming convention of *deny_[campus][datestamp].csv will be implemented. Remember, purging deletes all related data which cannot be restored once run.

The most critical part of the naming convention is the prefix followed by the underscore. This is what the scripting uses to identify the type of data to pick up and therefore how to process it into Bb Learn. If this is not named correctly the system will not process the files. 

The short campus ID and date stamp are simply used to minimize the risk of duplicate file names. Currently the name of the file is dropped into a log file and if there are errors the name acts as an anchor for the errors to be mailed to users. If files are processed that are named the same, you may get erroneous error reports because your report might be sending you error logs from a previous run. This duplication however will have nothing to do with the quality of the data that finds its way into Learn. That is determined by the quality of the data contained in the file you have posted.

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  1. I am interested in the Observer role.  Can we use this role in our Bb Learn environment?  If we can use this role I would like to be able to batch the observers and their students into the Bb Learn system. 

      BBLEARN-1335 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

    Thanks, Pat

    1. From a batch perspective, it can be done. We would just need to build out a QCC Observer role in Learn and use the ID given to that role in the enrollment batch. The best thing to do at this point though is work with Stef to build that role out.

      1. Thanks Tim.  This will help if we can roll this out.  Pat