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File Processing Order

When a file is batched to the sftp site, regardless of the order listed in your directory files will be picked up in the following order.

The files get processed in the following order.

Denies and Deletes first to run any clean up needed (These run in the reverse of the add data process for data dependency reasons.)

  • Org Enrollments Deny
  • Org Enrollments Purge
  • Course Enrollment Deny
  • Course Enrollment Purge
  • Users Secondary Institution Role Association Delete
  • Users Node Association Delete
  • Users Deny
  • Courses Deny
  • Orgs Deny
  • Nodes Delete

Then Adds. (each file is processed in this order due to potential dependencies in subsequent files.)

  • Nodes
  • Courses
  • Orgs
  • Users
  • Users Node Association
  • Users Secondary Institution Role Association
  • Course Enrollments
  • Org Enrollments

Note on merging courses.

When running a courses file, if merging courses in that file is occurring and the "master" course is included in the same file, the master course should be listed at the top of your file. Files are picked up and processed from the top down so if a "child" course is listed first with it's parent listed, it will generate errors because the "master" course does not yet exist.

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