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When batching files utilizing the Integration Framework there is no way to instantly email logs when the file gets processed as the logging is added to the database rather than a text file on the node processing files. Instead campuses will have a report setup that will be scheduled to run which will email a report to campus administrators.

This report will be scheduled to run shortly after UMOL picks up and processes your files.

Report Log Level translation:

  • 1=Message
  • 2=Warning
  • 3=Error

Depending on Campus needs, these reports can be set to only report only errors, errors and warnings, all diagnostic messages or all diagnostic and debug messages.

Please note

These reports will run and send an email when scheduled regardless of if data was processed so you will get reports with no data in them even when batching has been inactive on your campus. 

If these empty reports become unmanageable, consider setting up a filter on you email such as the pictured below.

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