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Archived Issues

08.22.10: The UMOL backup Helix server resides in the Amherst Whitmore data center that is scheduled to be decommissioned and the Helix software needs to be upgraded. The upgrade will be scheduled and done prior to moving this server to the Boston datacenter. Once this backup/test system has been upgraded, work will begin on upgrading the production system that is currently housed in the Main St. data center in Worcester.

10.16.10: After upgrade to Helix Version 14.0.1 UMA reported problems with some students not able to view streamed clips through IE 8. Upon review, this is not a problem with Helix server but how the links to the files respond from the course content page of a Bb Vista section. To resolve this issue a link to a media file on this server the link should be opened in a new window. _blank

  • 10.17.10: A single student is still reporting a problem. Santo is verifying the users configuration.

10.19.10:, the backup streaming server, has been moved out of the Whitmore data center and has been racked and setup in the Boston data center. Initial testing shows that the admin interface is available, but files are not streaming.

02.25.11: UMB in inquiring about streaming mp3 and wmv files from the Helix server. Theoretically it is already configured so troubleshooting is underway as to why it's not working for them.


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