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  • Helix Server and Bristol Community College
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Scope of Services

  • How does your campus want to use Helix Media Server?
  • Who would be using the Helix Media Server? (Department/school/group/etc.)
  • Will you be using Helix Media Server in Blackboard Vista, Blackboard Learn, or other LMS/integration?
  • How many faculty/students are you anticipating will be using Helix Media Server?
  • When would you like to begin using Helix Media Server?
  • Do you currently use a similar Helix Media Server? Or is this a new Helix Media Server you'd like to use?
  • What other technical considerations should we know about?

Service Level

  • What type of technical support is required in using Helix Media Server?
  • End User Support
  • Estimate number of incidents for year

Technical Contacts









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