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BO: Patrick Masson
PO: Patrick Masson
TO: Tim Lambert
SM: Stefanie Henderson

Current Status

4.4.11: This project is on hold until further discussions arise.

3.8.11: After meeting with OIT we decided to integrate Bb Vista as a service provider and tie it to the UMA service provider. This requires the install of a Apache Commond Codec and Shibboleth Integration .jar files. 

4.8.11: The path to integrate Bb Vista requires the install of a .jar file (proxytool) that turns Bb Vista into a service provider.

15.8.11: Opened a Heat ticket with UITS and provided .jar files for installation on

16.8.11: .jar files were installed on which has also been tested for functionality. 

16.8.11: Emailed OIT for IdP information.


Upcoming Events


UMass nor UMassOnline currently provides a federated identity management system for authentication across the system (e.g. single-log-in, or single-sign-in) or groups and permissions (authorization). UMassOnline, in order to assess options for both authentication and authorization across the system and among the growing number of disparate academic technologies now in use within online teaching and learning, has begun investigating IdM options.


Peer Institutions

During the 2011 Jasig Conference several contacts with campuses running CAS and Shibboleth were made and may provide some guidence for UMass and UMassOnline's efforts toward federated identify management.