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An issue reporting and tracking system (sometimes called, "bug tracking" or "help desk ticketing") is a process designed to help technical staff ensure stability, continuity and quality of supported technologies through a common set of practices, workflow and policies. End-users and stakeholders can report issues and monitor their status, contribute to their solution and verify their resolution. Issue reporting and tracking also allows enterprise-wide assessment and management by identifying systemic issues that may span multiple issues and/or systems.


BO: Kevin O'Brien
PO: Kevin O'Brien
TO: Kevin O'Brien


Up until the Fall of 2011, UMassOnline enabled the reporting and management of issues primarily through ad hoc processes, i.e. through email, phone calls, IM, etc. Beginning in the Fall of 2011, UMassOnline implemented more formalized approaches for the collection, distribution, management and resolution of issues reported by stakeholders regarding the systems supported.


Monthly productivity reports detailing issues submitted, reporters, assignments, status, etc. can be fond in the attachments. The current months report for each project can be seen on the project home page:


Services Offered

Account Management

UMassOnline, acting as the System Administrators, are responsible for adding and removing accounts to the system in order for people to create and track their issues in the Issue Tracking System.

  • System Administrators
    • Create your Project
    • Add, Remove, Modify Fields (since these are global, we need to have these items locked down to the System Administrators)
    • Add, Remove, Modify Screens (since these are global, we need to have these items locked down to the System Administrators)
  • Project Administrators Rights
    • Amend USer Roles within Project
    • Add, Remove, Modify Components
    • Add, Remove, Modify Versions

Documentation Management

UMassOnline holds and creates a variety of documentation to support and customize JIRA. For more information, please see this page.


UMassOnline holds the user account license for JIRA and your organization is charged by....

Reporting Services

UMassOnline provides users with monthly reports based on Projects that fall under UMassOnline's purview. As a Project user, you will have the ability to report off of your projects ad hoc.


UMassOnline offers support of it's Issue Tracking Service 8x5, or at any time with the use of self-service. Issues are to be entered into JIRA and will be assigned to SME (so long as the necessary fields are completed upon submission). A notification will be generated and the technician will begin work at their earliest convenience (depending on Issue Severity level).


UMassOnline provides training in a train the trainer model. To schedule a training, please email the JIRA System Administrator for more details.


UMassOnline has adopted Atlassian's JIRA project tracking tool to support Issue Reporting and Tracking. Please create a ticket under the associated project in which you are experiencing an issue.


JIRA self-guided training is available here.

Current Status

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