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Have You Heard of NIFTI?

Find out more about the Needs Identification Framework for Technology Innovation

As an effort to promote the NIFTI approach across the UMass system and beyond, the following individuals will be attending or have attended area conferences and workshops to obtain additional information on their topic of interest. The attendees are then invited to share their information back to the NIFTI audience to further any discussions.

Who's Going Where?

Who Went Where?

Online Resources


Interested in learning more about NIFTI or contributing to a NIFTI discussion? Please visit our NIFTI space in Confluence or contact Stefanie Henderson directly.

Upcoming events, conferences, webinars, etc.

Things to Think About

  • Late Spring/Early Summer: Next F2F NIFTI Meeting...Any volunteers to host this meeting on your campus?
  • Fall '11: NIFTI Highlights... A day-long event showcasing current NIFTI discussions.
  • 2011-2012: NIFTI@NERCOMP...Any interest in presenting your NIFTI projects at NERCOMP?
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