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Online tutoring provides asynchronous and synchronous support services (i.e math, science, foreign languages, writing) to online students.


PO: Jen Riley & Tracey Russo (UMD)

Other interested members: Cynthia Jahn (UMB)

Current Status

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Additional information


Any associated SIGs?


Who is responsible for the licensing? How do folks obtain a license?


What other materials are related to this subject?


Support Model here


Training Model here

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  1. Tracey,

    I met up with Kevin Corcoran from Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium who mentioned UMD was working with them to provide online tutoring services (and I found a page here - yeah!!!). Do you have any more information/updates you could add to the page here?

    • Type of service
    • Levels of service
    • Goals/objectives
    • Requirements
      • staff, time, dollars, etc.
    • Outcomes, etc.

    Please do not think I want/expect you to provide all the information now or even that you know all of the information, I just want to make sure what you are doing is up to date (maybe you have taken another direction) as I would like to share your work with a couple other campuses who are also interested in online tutoring. Ideally folks will organize around shared services and, if possible, realize cost savings or more efficient (less redundant) services. Even if the campuses do not go with the same services as UMD, they might pick up a few helpful tips on their won implementation.

    Thanks for starting this up.