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Perceptis Remedy with LDAP and AD feeds from Supported Campuses


The current LDAP "feed" process is actually an LDAP export and import which uses SSH to transport the client's LDAP export to Perceptis and then a custom script is run nightly to process any LDAP export files into our Active directory environment.  This method is no longer supported in 7.6 version of Remedy.  While the LDAP export / import method is secure because it uses SSH, the replacement method, ADSync, is just as secure if not more so as it uses SSL and it only streams when changes are made to the client's Directory Services environment, especially if the client narrows the scope to specific Organizational Units. In otherwords, ADSync uses far less traffic to maintain current and accurate LDAP feeds.  ADSync is also more dynamic and automated as it it reads directly from the client’s Directory Services environment without the client having to provide an updated LDAP export. 

Currently, all people forms in Remedy are populated manually. This can lead to incorrect information that does not match the records in the other databases that the student/faculty/staff member is in. 

ADSync requirements and specifications:

Perceptis will require an account with read access to the client's Directory Services / LDAP and access to the client’s Directory Services via an SSL connection.  It would also be beneficial if the client indicates the OU with their users that we need to parse but this is not required as we can browse their Directory Services environment with the read access.  The client can control what OU and access the read access account has as well.  ADSync uses an SSL connection to the client Directory Services which is then copied to a SQL database.  This database is external to our Directory Services.  ADSync then works with Remedy to parse any changed accounts into our Directory Services (Active directory) environment and Remedy generates the accounts from our AD.


BO: Patrick Masson
TO:Tim Lambert
Others: Kevin O'Brien

Current Status

2/1: This is currently being investigated by UMassOnline and Perceptis supported campuses. An exploratory meeting took place today with Kevin, Tim and Karen along with Brian Finck and Adam Pavelec at Perceptis.  All that is outlined under "Definition" was established.  Next steps will be to set up a time to meet with UITS/IDM folks and see what our options there may be.


Scenario 1:

Alternative to ADSync:

There is an alternative to ADSync, but it is manual, very time consuming and will require the client to fill out the attached spreadsheet and submit them to Perceptis.  Because this is such a time consuming process Perceptis will only be doing quarterly updates using this alternative method, the manual People spreadsheet.

Scenario 2:

Scenario 3:


Maricopa Community Colleges



Brian Finck
Director of Information Technology
Phone: 602.418.4948
Fax: 480.785.4544

Russell Seiter
Executive Vice President, Operations & Client Services
(t) 216.458.4122, ext 101
(c) 216.410.4512

Adam Pavelec
Information Technology Specialist


Support for this will be provided by Perceptis (if having to do with Perceptis level integration). Each campus will support their own feeds and issues that they may have. 

Support for the Flat File feeds may be provided by the Integration Support Specialist