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UMassOnline utilizes UITS hosted SFTP hosts for passing files and data securely to UMassOnline systems.


BOKevin O'Brien
POTim Lambert
TO: Tim Lambert



Each campus must identify specific users with specific static IP addresses of machines they use to upload files from. These IPs are added to rules in the firewalls (or associated security device) to allow for this access. These IP addresses can be specific workstations and servers or a devices on the host campus network were traffic will be generated from. In the event of office moves and relocation of systems where IP addresses may change, UMOL should be notified so out of date IP addresses can be removed and new static IP addresses can be added in order to maintain access.

Hardware Configuration




Used by campuses to batch files to Blackboard Learn

Used by campuses to batch test files to Blackboard Learn

Currently testing a new SFTP Hosted server outside of UITS.

Used by UMOL to access weekly section backups.

Reports from Cognos are output here and then picked up by campuses.

The OWLET evaluation system picks up reports from this location.

Reports from Cognos are output and made available to external sites.

This is a new host that we are migrating to from for OWL.


All UMass campuses utilize this method to batch courses and users to Blackboard Managed Hosting. 


Support is provided in the form of assistance with setup, processing, functionality and translation of generated errors.


Upon request.