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Work in Progress!

Building out the NIFTI process for Second Life:

General Description

"General Description"

The Description header should provide a specific definition and use of the service or system. This should be short and to the point.



The Stakeholders sub-header should provide a specific persons involved with the service or system, including the Business Owner (The person responsible for the business case for the service or system.), Product Owner (The person responsible for the functional requirements.), the Technical Owner (The person responsible for the administration of the service or system.).

  • Business Owner (BO):
  • Product Owner (PO): Santo Tomasine
  • Technical Owner (TO):

Service Levels

"Service Levels"

The Service Levels sub-header should provide specific support levels for both technical and end-user support. In addition, performance and availability thresholds should be included as well as the metrics for assessment.


Technical Training

End-user Training

End-User Support

Technical Support





The Background header should provide any historical available information about the service or system. Information might include dates the service or system was originally deployed, reasons for its deployment, original or current stakeholders, major milestones, etc.

Related Projects

"Related Projects"

The Related Projects header should provide links to other services and systems that this service/system depends on, or services/systems that rely on this service or system.



The Specifications header should provide information about the currently running version of the service or system, dependencies (what other services and systems might be affected by or affect this service or system), and other technical issues.

Related Use/Support Policies

"Related Use/Support Policies"

The Related Use/Support Policies header should provide information regarding specific policies related to the service or system.

Known Issues

"Known Issues"

This header should be used to list any issues associated with the service or system. Issues might include: questions or discussions underway regarding the service/system or open/closed tickets (see below), etc..



This header should be used to list any tickets associated with the service or system. Issues might include, performance, bugs, or unmet functional or technical requirements.



The Status Header should be used to indicate any activity associated with the development, administration, support or extension of this service or system. In addition, the "Excerpt Include" Macro should be placed here in order to push status updates into the various project tracking pages in Confluence. Note, you can use this same information in the Comment field when editing the page.

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