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Meeting: Security Awareness Course Materials
Attendees: Dan Jones, Stefanie Henderson


Dan Jones, Security Officer at the Medical School, reached out to see what would be the process to have UMOL house the Security Awareness Courses.


  • Course/Account Creation and Conversion
    • 10-part course created with Adobe Connect which may need additional course content and/or conversion
    • Account creation for 100k+ users (batch, SIS feed, etc.)
  • Hosting
    • Does UMOL have the capacity to handle 100k+ faculty, staff and students?
    • Should UMSO go with third party hosting provider such as eLearning Corner?
    • Current LMS limitations may include LPR, # of FTEs associated with our current Bb Vista license, etc.
  • Tracking
    • Reporting on which modules users accessed
    • Quiz at end to assess understanding of materials
    • Available for auditing purposes

Other Items

UMOL's use of Confluence as well as the LPR was also mentioned during the meeting. Dan is interested in learning more about how UMOL is building out their IT Governance. Dan is interested in working in collaboration with UMOL and cross-campus committees to better understand their IT governance, international security, etc. DJ suggested to include UMSO's Security Officer, Larry Wilson as part of the discussion.

Next Steps

SH will send out email to introduce DJ, PM, and LW.