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The contacts, communication channels and schedule for informing relevant stakeholders of scheduled and unscheduled service and maintenance.


See Customer Service Agreements

Communication Channels

Automated Availability & Performance Alerts

UMassonline provides transaction monitoring of availability (i.e. if a system is reachable by an end user) and performance (i.e. the time it takes a system to respond) through multiple 3rd party systems (Pingdom, AlertSite, through these services UMassOnline (and other interested parties) can be alerted/notified when systems fall below service expectations.

Subscription Model (Opt-in/out)

Via, UMassOnline provides an up-to-date, detailed assessment of the current state of our end user services. 

Areas of Communication
  • When the Learn System is unavailable, a "Sorry" page will be put in place letting the end users know that the service is not currently available.
  • Client should advise faculty/students that this time frame has been designated as a "Service Window" and users may experience degraded or interrupted service during these hours. Users should be warned that any activity in the LMS at this time may be interrupted and they may lose access to any activities underway or content generated may be lost.  UMassOnline recommends, communicating, "lab closed" during these times and not to conduct any official activities (course meetings, tests/exams, virtual office hours, etc.) during this time.

  • UMassOnline recognizes its role in ensuring access to the LMS and will be responsive to technical, support issues related to availability and performance
Planned Service Interruptions
  • All planned service windows are posted to the UMassOnline Status Page (
    • Users are encouraged to sign up and choose the systems that they would like to receive notifications regarding.
Unplanned Service Interruptions
  • A service interruption outside of the scheduled service windows or a planned service interruption may occur due to issues beyond UMassOnline's control. In addition, systems failures (node/blade issues, data center problems) may interrupt service without prior notification. UMassOnline will always seek to work with its campus technical, operational and business contacts to identify the most convenient times for service interruptions, however UMassOnline reserves the right to interrupt service if deemed necessary to address technical issues.
    • Immediately upon UMassOnline's identification of a service impacting event, UMassOnline will:
      • Automatically post a notification to the UMassOnline Status Page (
      • Update the incident periodically as work is completed
    • Upon successful completion and testing verifying systems are working normally after service: