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Team Calendars is a commercial calendar plugin for Confluence that acts as your single source of truth – managing team leave, tracking projects, and planning events – Team Calendars does it all. Create People, JIRA, and Event Calendars – embed them on any Confluence page, share with others, and subscribe in iCal.


BO: Patrick Masson
PO: Kevin O'Brien
TO: Kevin O'Brien
SM: Kevin O'Brien


UMassOnline has typically used shared calendars in Outlook for reserving rooms, taking and informing others of time off, scheduling meetings, setting project deadlines, and adding any other information surrounding dates that may be important to the team.

As our team grows, and users start branching out from traditional use of Outlook and supported technologies (such as Mac and Ubuntu users), we have lost out on a large amount of functionality that the calendaring feature in Outlook has to offer. Limitations include:

  • Inability to schedule rooms owned by UMassOnline
  • Mac users cannot book rooms as resource (even if UITS were to open up UMOL owned rooms as such)
  • Ubuntu users must use Webmail calendar
  • Sharing conflicts between users
  • Not sharing information can lead to confusion amongst team members

Proposed Solution: Using Team Calendars by Atlassian as a Plugin for Confluence


Tools currently utilized:

  • Outlook Calendar
  • Confluence Calendar (unsupported)
  • Shared Calendars (only accessible to PC users)


Information about the community using Team Calendars can be found here.







$1,000 (perpetual license, maintenance is additional after year 1 @ rate of $500 per year for upgrades and additional support.


Documentation on Team Calendars is available here.

General Technical Support for Team Calendars would be provided by the administrator through JIRA.


Training for this product is provided by the Administrator. If you feel that you need assistance in using this tool, please contact us. Most common questions about how Team Calendars work can be answered through this video:

Current Status