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PO: Kyle Kraus
SM: Stefanie Henderson
Others: Gene Shwalb (UMB), Andrea Delaney (UMW)


Members of the UMassOnline consortium decided to come together and share their training materials.

Training Shares

In the spirit of "farm shares", trainers from all of the UMOL campuses can come together to discuss and share the fruits of our labor. Cheesy yes, but nonetheless true. We all create amazing materials on our campuses. We constantly strive to provide great training, all while balancing the ever changing nature of the materials / technology we present. If each of us shares a little, we can all gain a lot. 

Why come together? 
Throughout the years, training staff have talked about working together to share information and resources. This group provides trainers the opportunity to reach out to the training community of UMassOnline for assistance and resource sharing. 

What does this look like? 
This is the suggested outline to provide structure for when training staff come together. The topics are:
1. TRAINING SUMMITS (starting FALL 2014) - TBA
Training staff from all campus will come together to present how training is done on their campus, best practices, strengths, and areas of improvements. There can be a standard outline and time length designated for each school to present with a Q&A afterwards. 
    1. Presentations or talks about training logistics / procedures at each campus
    2. Presentations or talks about training course / workshop structure for each campus
    3. Future steps 
Trainers will meet to discuss issues of immediate concern, or to evaluate a tool or materials for the entire system. For example, when upgrades occur, or when new tools or building blocks are introduced. These can be working sessions conducted in-person at UMOL or via conference calls. 
  • Review / evaluate training materials when available through Blackboard; meet to discuss, advise and support
  • Review / evaluate upgrades to system tools; meet to discuss, advise and support
  • Other topics to be determined
Development activities for trainers can be either guest speakers or presentations from members of our training departments to present on topics, tools or best practices. Can be regularly planned by semester or yearly. 
    1. Creating a common space for LMS  / online learning resources
    2. Discuss collaboration to generate training materials and multimedia content 
    3. Bifurcate tasks amongst training / campus groups 

FUTURE STEPS ( as of October 2nd, 2014 )

  • Please "watch" this page in Confluence
  • To assist in planning / organizing events, please add your name to the others section above. 


  • Availability Survey for scheduling training summit and other meetings
  • Complete survey (TBA) requesting information about your specific training structure, issues  and ideas for development
  • Meet (in-person or virtually) to discuss status training for campus regarding April 2014 update
  • Meet and talk about structure of the group, goals, future activities, etc  



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