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The TurnItIn Building Block supports the integration for TurnItIn, an online plagiarism detection system, and Blackboard Learn.


TO:  Tim Lambert


UMassOnline now has a consortium license for Tii and the Building Block has been deployed in production systems and made available to subscribing campuses.

Current subscribing campuses are UMassAmherst and UMassBoston


UMassOnline supports the integration for TurnItIn to Blackboard Learn via the Blackboard Mobile Building Block.

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  1. Subject:Turnitin Help Desk Case #00215344 - University of Massachusetts, Boston [ ref:_00D30H14._50040RA1gR:ref ]
    Date:Tue, 14 May 2013 12:14:25 -0400
    From:Turnitin Product Support <>
    To:Masson, Patrick <>

    Dear Mr. Masson,

    Thank you for contacting the Turnitin Help Desk.

    If I understand correctly your inquiry, you or your department is the help desk for multiple institutions that currently have access to one instance of BlackBoard and you would like to know if all the institutions you provide support for can use the same instance of BlackBoard to access Turnitin.  If this is true, then yes.  If all the institutions have access to the same BlackBoard instance, and only one school (ie. UMass Amherst), has paid for the Turnitin license, then all institutions will have access to Turnitin.  Unfortunately, there is not a way to prevent from the rest of the institutions to have access to Turnitin; which is why we recommend that each school has its own LMS instance and a Turnitin license.

    If you need additional assistance with this case please reply to this email. 

    For future support convenience, we invite you to visit our new Turnitin Self-Service Help Center for quick answers to your questions.   


    Turnitin Product Support
    Case Received: 5/13/2013
    Case Number:00215344
    Case Type:Integrations-Other
    Issue Description: I was wondering if TurnItIn's Building Block for Blackboard Learn could be used in a "Multi-Institution" implementation. UMassOnline provides LMS (Blackboard Learn) support for multiple campuses  (UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, Quinsigamond Community College, etc.). It is my understanding that the current Building Block, if integrated with a single Learn instance supporting multiple  campuses (multi-institutional--or multi-domain--deployment model), would be available for all domains (campuses) supported by the single instance of Learn, and could not be limited to just the licensed campus hosted in the Blackboard Learn environment.