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This information is general information only. If you are faculty from UMass Amherst you should contact the CPE office for further assistance


Bb Learn has been configured to access the UMass Amherst Library Media Server via the Basic LTI Building Block.

How Bb Learn is configured has been registered as an appoved provider domain and has a Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret set. This key and secret have also been configured on the Media Library side to pick up information passed to it via links within courses.

How to configure your course so users can access media content.

Instructors of courses who wish to give their students access to media content must complete an online form each semester indicating what content they need their students to view. 

This form can be found here:

Note: This form MUST be completed using the exact title of the course as it appears in Bb Learn so instructors should login to Bb Learn to verify that what they are submitting to the Library is accurate.

Once the form has been completed, instructors can then add a link to this material from within their courses in the following way.

  1. First, make sure you have the Basic LTI tool set as available in your course using Course Management > Customization > Tool Availability

  2. Once this has been set, you will be able to add a Web Link anywhere you can add a Web Link within your course. Build Content > Create Web Link
  3. Give your Web Link a Name. This can be anything appropriate for your needs.
  4. Insert the following URL into the URL field: This link must be accurate.
  5. Select the check box indicating that "This link is to a Tool Provider" (Note: If you don't see this check box, you need to enable Basic LTI. See step one above.)
  6. Give your link a description, add attachments or adjust the options as you see fit. (Not Required) 
  7. Submit
  8. Now, when the link is selected, a new window will open and a list with links of the available media items requested for this course can be accessed. 

If there are any problems, instructors should contact the Reserves Department here:


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