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Ungerboeck is, "the only end-to-end event management software system that handles event [enrollments], room scheduling, and much more."


BO: Scott Dziewietin (
PO: Scott Dziewietin (
TO: Scott Dziewietin (


Originally implemented by the UMass Medical School, Ungerboeck was identified to manage registrations and enrollments for non-academci and continuing medical education programs. The system, as implemented by the UMass Medical School provides:

  1. potential enrollees access via a URL (such as an online course like this or an in-person event like this), to choose a particular event and specific options related to that event;
  2. credit card payment processing (PCI-compliant and certified for use by the UMass E-Commerce group);
  3. follow-up notifications through a a customized email (attached) confirming enrollment with directions, etc;
  4. integration with UMOL-hosted Learning Management System;
  5. organization-level administration allowing event management (scheduling, admin users, invoicing, reporting, etc.);
  6. web forms for enrollees; administration tools are client-server (Citrix access to app/database hosted by vendor).


  • UMMS Continuing Med Ed

  • UMMS Center for Mindfulness


UMassOnline is investigating extending the existing Ungerboeck contract with the UMass Medical School. Ungerboeck provided a quote, for increasing the number of concurrent users from 15 (for the Medical School) to 20 (for UMassOnline and ESE)


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Account Representative(s)

Neil Williams (
Director of Sales - Northeastern Region
Ungerboeck Software International
100 Ungerboeck Park   O'Fallon, MO  63368
1-800-400-4052 ext. 122

Erin Adkinson (

UMass’ Client Services Coordinator


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