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Released May 2012

Resolved Issues for 6.2

  • Users who attempt to download MP4 archives that have already been generated no longer receive a message that the MP4 is being generated.
  • The participant Talk button graphic updates correctly if their audio is disabled by the Presenter while the Participant is transmitting.
  • Launching the eBoard or viewing an Application Share no longer disables text chat, the media toolbar, and the participant list on Mac 10.6 and higher running Firefox.
  • MP4 archives are no longer deleted after being downloaded once through a course management system integration.
  • If two multiple choice questions have identical possible answers, answering one question no longer changes the answer to the other as well.
  • Resolved an issue where Classroom would hang indefinitely while loading.
  • Users who do not have a standard API accounts can no longer configure Classroom CMS integrations.

Known Issues for 6.2

ResolvedSoftware NotesFeatureIssue NumberIssueWorkaround
  eBoardCLAS-98Drawings on the eBoard become distorted when the Classroom browser window is resized. 
 ChromeBreakout roomsCLAS-115The lower half of the Breakout room UI cannot be used until the archive reminder is dismissed. 
 Windows, ChromeText chatCLAS-144The To: drop-down menu is not visible when clicked.Maximize the Classroom window.
 Mac, Chrome CLAS-64The media bar, text chat, and participant areas of the interface sometimes appear as a black bar. This is the result of Java not launching properly.Restarting the browser has been known to fix this issue.
 Mac, Safari 5 SUPP-798The scrollbars do not scroll the available slides in the presenter console or in the content frame while viewing a web page.(Partial) Detach the presenter's console from the Classroom window. The pane should scroll normally.
 WindowseBoard Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Classroom servers have different capabilities for uploading files to the eBoard. 
    If the Classroom interface is opened in a browser tab instead of a new window, Classroom may behave unpredictably.Always open Classroom in a new browser window instead of a tab.
 Mac 10.7, Safari  The Import Powerpoint dialog will not load on successive attempts. 
 Mac 10.6 & Higher  The Default Content folder remains disabled for participants with elevated permissions in break out rooms. 
 Mac 10.6 & HigherApplication Sharing Selecting the "Window" option when launching Application Sharing for the second time causes the Share to end on the host's computer.Select Screen Area instead.
 Mac 10.7eBoard The eBoard reloads each time art is added to the canvas. 
6.2Mac 10.6 & Higher, FirefoxeBoard Launching the eBoard or viewing an Application Share disables text chat, the media toolbar, and the participant list.Use a supported version of the Safari browser.
 Mac, FirefoxSetup Wizard Attempting to run the Setup Wizard while Java is disabled in the browser settings will cause the browser to crash. 
 Mac, FirefoxApplication Sharing An incorrect message is displayed for presenters if both presenters attempt to use Application Sharing at the same time. 
 Internet Explorer 9Application Sharing, Breakout Rooms The share button is not properly disabled in breakout rooms. 
  Application Sharing When sharing a program window with Application Sharing, the screen area previously occupied by the window continues to be shared if the window is closed.End the share before closing the window.
  eBoard Participants who have been demoted from Presenters can still place text on the eBoard, although it is not visible to other participants. 
  Application Sharing When sharing a program window with Application Sharing, an incorrect message appears confirming that the share has begun. Although the message states that the whole desktop is being shared, only the window is actually shared. 
  Archives Video is not displayed in MP4 archives after all slides have been clear from the eBoard. 
  Video One to one video does not work when one or both users are using phone simulcast. 
  Attendance tracking Attendance tracking reports reflect only participants who successfully exited the room. A participant who has not logged out yet or was removed from the room as a result of a bug or crash is not included in the report. 
 Internet Explorer, Windows 64-bitSetup Wizard When running the Setup Wizard using Internet Explorer on Windows 64-bit, the Wizard links to an incorrect version of Java if a supported version is not detected.Download the 64-bit version of a supported Java version from Sun Microsystems before using Wimba Classroom, or use a supported version of the Firefox or Safari browsers.
    Changes to the Presenter On-The-Fly setting within the Administration Tools do not immediately take effect when users are logged in to a room.Use the 'Reset Room' feature.
    The Breakout Rooms tab does not display correctly after promoting and demoting participants multiple times during a session via Presenter-On-The-Fly 
    Special characters in a PowerPoint filename revert to underscores in the name of the folder created when using the room's on-the-fly Import PowerPoint feature 
  eBoard Resetting the Content Frame and then re-launching the eBoard displays annotations added before the content resetClick the 'Clear Slide' button to remove annotations.
  Video Name labels do not display in the Video Window during One-to-One Video. 
  Video Name labels display in the Video Window when changing from normal video switching to One-to-One Video 
  Video Name labels do not display in the Video Window for One-to-One Video users when normal video switching rules take effect 
  Video A name label does not appear in the Video Window when a user is broadcasting video alone, or when a second user who is not transmitting video is present 
 Windows 7, FirefoxeBoard Participants are unable to import an image to the eBoard using the 'Import' button. 
 MacApplication Sharing, Breakout Rooms The Application Sharing ('Share') button is occasionally enabled in Breakout Rooms for 'default' presenters using Macintosh computers. 
  Video Video Bandwidth text-based commands do not return an error when a user indicates an option that exceeds the server-wide video bandwidth cap. 
 JAWS  The JAWS screen reader does not read the "Do you want to archive this presentation?" prompt within the Archive Reminder. 
  Application Sharing The "Appshare Session has now ended" message remains in the Content Frame if a Presenter ends an Application Sharing session targeted to the Content Frame, and then starts an Application Sharing session targeted to a New Window, during the same Wimba Classroom session.Click the "Reset Content Frame" link in the Presenter's Console.
 MacApplication Sharing If a presenter shares a single window in an AppShare session and then minimizes the window, the area of the presenter's desktop behind the minimized window is displayed to participants in the session 
  Archives, eBoard If an archive contains multiple instances of eBoard content that are interrupted by an AppShare session, the content from the first eBoard instance is not displayed after the AppShare 
  Telephony When dialing in to a Wimba Classroom session, with certain phones PIN numbers are not received correctly if a user begins dialing before the end of the voice prompt. 






Blackboard Collaborate will be upgrading our Wimba Classroom servers on Saturday, July 14th, 4pm ET through July 15th, 6am ET.

 During this time, Wimba Classroom live classrooms and archives will be unavailable from within Blackboard Vista as well as from the backend administration area.

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  1. Just to clarify, this is the known existing outstanding potential compatibility problems with Wimba 6.1.6 and only the ones that say 6.2 to the left are actually resolved with the update.


    Toni P.

  2. Overview:


    In order to provide the best possible service, we are migrating our Wimba Classroom and Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring customers located in our New Jersey data center to new hardware located in Blackboard’s Managed Hosting data center in Virginia.   

    This migration will only effect US Hosted customers. Servers hosted in Canada, UK or Australia will remain unaffected.

    When Will The Migration Of Wimba Classroom And Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring Servers Occur?


    We will migrate all US hosted customers to the Virginia Managed Hosting Center during an extended maintenance window from Saturday July 14,2012 at 4:00pm US Eastern to Sunday July 15, 2012 at 6:00am US Eastern.


    What Changes Can I Expect To My Wimba Classroom Server?


    When Wimba Classroom servers are migrated to the Virginia hosting center, IP addresses will change and the telephone simulcast number will change. There will be no changes to how you access Wimba Classroom.

    At the same time of the migration, we will also upgrade Wimba Classroom servers to version 6.2.1. This upgrade will include bug fixes for MP4 generation, browser compatibility and server side processing of data. More details to the 6.2.1 upgrade will be forthcoming and will be available at the Classroom Release Notes page.

    What Changes Can I Expect To My Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring Server?

    You can expect no changes to Blackboard Voice Authoring after the migration is complete. Users will not see a difference to how they access Voice Authoring content. 

    What Changes Can I Expect For My Labs?

    Labs should not be affected by the migration and upgrade to Wimba Classroom. There will be no changes to the files stored on the local machine for Wimba Classroom. Users will continue to access Wimba Classroom as before.

    Labs should not be affected by the migration to Blackboard Voice Authoring. Users will continue to access Blackboard Voice Authoring as before.

    Depending on the security restrictions of the lab, it is important for network administrators to communication to the open ports to the 69.196.2362.0/22 IP range and appropriate ports as instructed in the Classroom and Voice - IP / Ports / Networking Information for Migration to Virginia Data Center Guide.


    Will I Need To Do Anything To My Course Management System (CMS)?

    After the migration to the Virginia Data center, some Java-based Course Management Systems may require a restart to recache the DNS resolution after services have been brought up on the new IPs.
    Identified Course Management Systems include:

    • Blackboard Learn (Please note that we will coordinate the restart of Blackboard Learn servers with those customers who are utilize Blackboard Learn Managed Hosting).
    • Blackboard Vista/CE
    • Sakai
    • Custom course management systems that run on java


    Moodle and Blackboard Angel should not be affected.

    Will My Phone Simulcast Phone Number Change?

    This migration will include a new telephony system for Classroom. The new phone numbers will be updated in your system automatically during the migration. If you have distributed the old phone number via email or on websites, please consider notifying any faculty members and students of this change.

    Will My Wimba Voice Server Be Migrated?

    Yes. Wimba Voice is now called Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring as of the most recent upgrade to version 6.1. Therefore, these servers will be migrated.


    Why Are We Performing A Data Center Migration?

    The current hosting center is unable to meet our growing demands for server and network configuration, future growth, long term scalability and costs. A move to the Virginia Managed Hosting center will allow us to leverage current infrastructure already available as we grow the future Blackboard Collaborate business.