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UMassOnline configures the branding for the Wimba Classroom virtual rooms.


TO: Phil Saulnier
Others: UMOL.WimbaClassroom.SIG


Within the branding frame of the Wimba Classroom interface, a custom graphic resides displaying tech support information to its users. Wimba Classroom users may obtain technical support by one of these three ways:

  1. Tech Support via Email,
  2. Tech Support via toll-free number, or
  3. Tech Support via live text chat.

Legacy Branding Files 

These files were used previously on the old QA Environment to point to support for Wimba. Since moving to new login pages, we are now using PHP to develop these branding frames.

Images (Perceptis Contact Information)

HTML Pages (Perceptis Contact Information)

Current Status

01.09.12: The UMOL QA tool has been updated so that the publisher can now edit the secure support html pages used in the Wimba branding frame.

11.18.11: Re-pointed branding and links to secure site.

08.03.11: Created new branding and links to new support model for UMass Boston.

07.19.11: In an effort to streamline current technical support model, UMass Boston is moving towards Blackboard Collaborate for their Tier 1 support.

07.16.13 UMassOnline moved login pages onto pages built in PHP. The Wimba branding frames were not part of the move, but will be updated shortly.

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