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Current Status

9.10.10 - UMass Amherst is experiencing a problem with copying content from one section to another in Bb Vista and is reporting issues with archives in the new section.

  • Archives are not associated with rooms when imported from another section. BUT, if you view the list of rooms in the Vista section, enter a room that is supposed to have an archive associated with it, the archive associated is listed at the bottom of the landing page. Once an enrolled user in the new section accesses this archive it will be associated with the section and therefore listed in the room/archive list.

08.23.10: UMass Dartmouth is experiencing an issue with the support branding frame; Wimba tier II is researching the problem. 08.26.10 This issue has been resolved by Wimba.

9.15.10 - QCC is having access issues with admin. URL was provided along with username.

9.15.10 - An issue has been identified with the Powerlink in Bb Vista where when a user tired to edit the Media Settings for a room (from room landing page/Room Setting/Media Settings) no bandwidth settings are available for video and an error is generated "Note:        Your system administrator has set the maximum video bandwidth to -1 kbps" Ticket is open with Wimba support.

  • 9.20.2010 - Wimba has requested a user in Bb Vista for testing purposes.
  • 9.22.2010 - It was discovered that after the Live Classroom instances were upgraded and a new version of the Powerlink was applied to the Vista cluster, the Live Classroom settings could not read the default bandwidth set at the Live Classroom server side and generated the error. Once the default bandwidth setting on the server side was adjusted, the Powerlink was then able to present the room default bandwidth setting in the room Media Settings.  This solution was then applied to all UMOL supported instances and verified from within each affected Institution in Bb Vista. This issue is now closed. (Wimba Ticket # 2600-6889267)

10.5.2010 - UMA needs assistance linking archives on the Live Classroom server to multiple Vista sections . Completed. (When a section in Vista gets rolled over, content imported from one section into an empty shell, the Rooms get re-purposed and given writes so the new section, but the archives do not. Archives need to have their writes adjusted manually.

11.26.10 - Wimba begins discussions with UMOL to upgrade our instances to the newest version 6.1.1

  • 12.3.10 - After working with Wimba Admins for upgrade date coordination, and upgrade date of Friday, December 17th from 10AM - 5PM has been agreed upon.
  • 12.13.10 - UMOL instances have been scheduled for upgrade Wimba Classroom 6.1.3 on Friday, December 17th from 10AM to 5PM. 

01.20.2011 - UMB requested information on archives and copying from one section to another in Vista. Archives do not copy over when copying content, but it is possible to associate archives from old sections with new ones. Linking an existing Room or Archive from the Live Classroom Server to a Vista Section

01.28.2011 - UMA needed assistance resetting a Live Classroom server administrator account password.

02.11.2011 - UML reported an issue with a users inability to see all the status notification columns in the list of attendees.This appears to be specific to an individual user/client machine.

  • 02.14.2011 - UML provided an update that the problem was solved and was due to the branding frame image was zoomed in on the users browser. (Ctrl + scroll) Once this was reset to standard size there was no problems.
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