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The iClicker Learn Building Block will allow you to integrate the iClicker student response system directly into the Blackboard Learn course content areas.


PO: Dale Starr (UMA)
TO: Tim Lambert
SM: Stefanie Henderson
Others: Theresa Nelson-Miller (UMB), Tracey Russo (UMD), Ryan Scott (UMA)


The following campuses are interested in using the iClicker Building Block:

  • UMass Amherst
  • UMass Boston
  • UMass Dartmouth


Integration into Bb Learn Production is now complete. Instructors will need to install either the Mac or Windows version of the attached zip files. A "shared secret" is also required which can be requested from UMOL staff.

i>clicker integrate is a course management wizard (Building Block) that allows for one-click integration of i>clicker polling data with your campus LMS. I>clicker integrate is a course management wizard and CMS plug-in that allows for seamless integration of i>clicker polling data with your campus LMS.

  • Enables students to register their i>clicker remotes directly within the campus LMS
  • Allows faculty to seamlessly sync class rosters and student polling results with their campus LMS


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  1. Status? I see there are duplicate pages for this building block within Confluence. UMA will need iClicker in production for our SPR13 term. I've heard that this might be delayed by the vendor determining how to license in multi-tenancy?

  2. UMass Dartmouth is listed as stakeholders, but not as an interested campus. We had previously expressed interest and would like to have access to the building block as well if possible.


  3. I initially had issues setting this up on a mac. Each time I tried to sync with Blackboard, I would receive a validation error.  I found this is because of the security setting on macs.  You need to download the zip, copy the files to the resources folder of the iclicker software.  Go into iclicker and setup your course, go to my settings and select Blackboard and then Version 8 or higher.  Select for course. Then close out.  Now go to the resources folder and find the integration wizard.  Control click then select open.  This will cause the mac to treat it as a security exception.  Complete the login information.  

    We still need to test the official key. I believe this is for the entire environment and not course based.