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Deleting the Parent Section

WARNING: Deleting the parent section also deletes the parent course, as the parent course is meant to contain only the cross-listed parent section.

You can delete the parent section in a cross-listed set as you would non-cross-listed sections.

Deleting a parent section has the following effects:
• the relationships between the parent section and cross-listed child sections are deleted
• users enrolled in child sections will no longer be redirected to the parent section as the working section

Deleting a Child Section
You can delete cross-listed child sections as you would non-cross-listed sections. For more information, in the Online Help, see Deleting Learning Contexts.

Deleting a child section has the following effects:
• it removes its association with the parent section; it is no longer listed on the parent section's Edit Section screen as a child of the parent section
• all users in the parent section that were inherited from the child section are unenrolled