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You can export quizzes, surveys, and self tests and use them in other Blackboard Learning System courses and installations. For example, if you create a quiz in a Psychology 201 course, you can export and re-use it in a Psychology 205 course.


If the course contains content from an e-Learning Resource Pack (e-Pack), you cannot export assessments.

Assessments are exported as a content package and are saved in a zip file. The content package includes XML files, XML schema files (.xsd files), and any image files (for example, .jpg files) used in the questions in the assessment.

When you export an assessment, the questions it contains, the categories the questions belong to, any image files added to the questions, and the assessment properties are exported. Submission and security settings are not exported.

Assessments are exported in Content Interoperability Specification (CIS) format. The CIS implements the IMS Content Packaging and the IMS Question and Test Interoperability specifications. For more information, see the appropriate version of the Content Interoperability Specification.

  1. From the Assessments screen, do one of the following:
    • To export one assessment, next to the assessment, click its ActionLinks icon.
    • To export multiple assessments, next to each assessment you want to export, select the check box.
    • To export all assessments on the page, in the table heading row, select the check box.


      To export assessments that span multiple pages, adjust the number of assessments listed on a single page to include all assessments you want to export. For more information, see Navigating Multiple Pages.

  2. Click Export.
  3. Navigate to the location where you want to save the zip file. For more information, see Navigating with Content Browser.
  4. In the Save as text box, enter a name for the zip file. We recommend that you use all lowercase letters for file names.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Return.

If you are going to import the assessments to another Blackboard Learning System installation, you must download the zip file to your computer first. For more information, see Downloading Files and Importing Quizzes, Surveys, Self Tests, and Questions.

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