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You can import exams that were created by using Respondus® software.


The exams must have been created using the Respondus CMS (Course Management System) “personality” IMS QTI 1.1+and saved as an IMS QTI XML file in zip file format. If the Respondus exam you want to import was created using a CMS personality other than IMS QTI 1.1+, you can convert the exam file to use the IMS QTI 1.1+ personality. For more information, see the Respondus documentation.

Respondus exams import as quizzes and are added to the Assessments tool. All questions are added to the Question Database tool in a category named Main.

  1. On the course menu, under Designer Tools, click Manage Course.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Locate and select the zip file you want to import. For more information, see Navigating with Content Browser.
  4. After the file finishes importing, if you want to view a log that contains details about the import process:
    1. Click View Import Log.
    2. When you are finished viewing the import log, click Close.
  5. Click Return.
  6. To go to the quiz:
    1. Click Assessments.
    2. Locate the quiz and click its title.
  7. Review and, if necessary, edit the quiz properties. Quiz properties define how a quiz will be delivered to Students and how results will be released to Students. For more information, see Editing Quiz Properties.


    If you imported an exam or question that has the same title as an assessment or question that already exists in the Blackboard Learning System, before you can edit its properties, you must edit the title to make it unique.

    You can create links to quizzes on folders in the Course Content tool and in learning modules. For more information, see Linking Items to the Course Content and Learning Module Tools.

All imported files are saved in a folder called Imported_Resources. You can view the contents of this folder in File Manager.

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