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A column represents a certain type of information, such as an e-mail address, birthday or picture that can appear in user records. Column information can also appear in query results and profiles. If column information appears in profiles, you can specify additional options, such as whether users can edit the content or make it public.


Users can view and edit their profile from My Settings. If the Rostertool has been added to a section, section members can view the profiles of other section members. To reduce administrative tasks that involve maintaining user information, your institution may want to issue a policy where users are encouraged to keep the information in their profile up-to-date.

There are two types of columns:

  • Default: Default columns are based on the IMS Enterprise Information Model, which Blackboard Learning System uses for the exchange of data between IMS-compliant enterprise data systems. For more information, see IMS Enterprise Information Model. You can set the visibility for some default columns.

One of the default columns you can set the visibility for is Photo. You can specify whether to make photos visible in user records at the administration level or profiles at the section level. For more information, see Showing or Hiding Default Columns and Editing Columns.

  • Custom: Custom columns are columns you add to store extra information.
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