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A significant initiative underway within UMass is the Learning Platform Review (LPR).


  • The role of UMassOnline's technology services is to identify, develop and support technology-based services and systems beyond the resources of individual institutions as well as those services and systems that would be replicated on each campus.

Looking out across the landscape

  • Online teaching and learning activities are increasingly occurring outside of the Learning Management System through supplemental systems supported by UMassOnline...
    • for example, Wimba, Respondus, Turn-It-In, etc.
  • well as remote, distributed and decentralized web services beyond the scope and support model of UMassOnline.
    • Remote: Web services that are hosted, developed and administered outside of an institution by organizations under no obligation to that institution, administration, faculty or students.
    • Distributed: The development and direction of these services is undertaken by multiple, self-organized and self-interested groups, or individuals, as independent or collaborative efforts outside the direct influence of those who may rely on them.
    • Decentralized: Adoption within the institution occurs outside of the traditional decision-making and planning process, potentially independently by individual users (programs, departments, faculty).
    • Examples from Ed Tech, MCO, SUNY CIT, NERCOMP, EDUCAUSE
  • The scope and variety of these web services (many of which were not originally designed for education) is expanding.
    • Examples:
  • This pace of development is quicker than any LMS developer can keep up with.
  • This pace of development is quicker than any educational organization can keep up with.
  • These tools are freely available (both cost and access) to faculty for adoption, without requiring direct IT involvement.

To "identify, develop and support"

  • Identify:
    • How do we find them? How does UMassOnline discover specific technologies from the great variety of tools currently of interest across the system?
    • How do we assess their impact? How does UMassonline evaluate the level of interest, impact of adoption and resources available to support these technologies of interest?
  • Develop
  • Support
    • Service Level Agreements


  • June 2010 - December 2010: Process Definition
  • January 2011 - December, 2011: Research, Discovery & Identification
  • January 2012 - December, 2012: Implementation
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