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  • Before the Test:
    • Make sure that you understand the criteria of the test.
    • Set aside enough time to take the test. It is not wise to take tests at the last minute.
    • Make sure that you know if your have multiple chances, if the test is timed, and how long the exam is available.
    • If possible, identify other computers that are available to you in case of Internet or computer problems.
    • If possible, take tests using a secure, wired Internet connection. 
    • If taking your test using a wireless connection, it is advised that you check the signal strength of your location.
    • Clarify any confusion you have regarding course material or what will be covered on the test prior to taking the test.
    • Close any other programs or applications.
  • During the Test:
    • Read through the description section before starting your test.
    • Try to have a space free of distractions.
    • Do not use the roller on mouse to scroll through the test. It can change the answers on questions such as multiple choice or multiple answer.
  • After the Test:
    • Utilize the Help Resources if you have technical difficulties:
    • Your instructor is the only person who can grant you back into your test, or let you take the test over if you get kicked out. 

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